Dimash Kudaibergen (Kazakhstan) "SOS d'un terrien en détresse"

Hrdza (Slovakia) "Štefan"

Li Otta Orchestra (Russia) "Royal Safari"
(Королевское сафари - Korolevskoye safari)


Sharing area under construction

It will take me some time to have it organised and accessible.

I hope to share some Sims 2 CC from closed sites, blogs, which isn't easy to find anywhere or anymore.

There won't be any "promotion" on any other forum about the Sharing area updated posts with links to download.

LizCrea forum members are invited therefore to check out here when they log in.

Please, don't post WCIFs on lost files here. I wouldn't have much time to search online or in my own folders.

Write comment now Category: Common Authorin: Lizzy Sun Feb 07, 2021 3:57 am

Tutorials I wrote

- Complete guide for S4 footwear conversion for the Sims 2
- How to create WSO actions with Mesh Tool Kit for a custom bodyshape after Lifa's instructions.
- Sims 4 to Sims 2 clothes conversion
- Sims 4 accessories conversion huge tutorial
- Sims 2 full guide to create a new bodyshape in Milkshape + extra for feet bending with Skeleton-Anim

Some tutorials contain an additional folder with necessary files to import into Milkshape and to create a new mesh.

All credits are given in each tutorial, which comes in PDF and Word formats. Tutorials are all in English only.

More details at LizCrea Sims 2 forum, in the Tutorials section.

Write comment now Category: Tutorials Authorin: Lizzy Sun Sep 27, 2020 12:26 pm
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