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Definitely YES, Travel People from Ireland belong to the Transnational Gipsy community. They might represent over 80 % of those who moved from Ireland to the North America, thus the invisible ones who took part to the creation of the United States (from their work, not much as "politicians") - or were deported there.

As quite many Gipsies, those Travel People from Ireland who settled down in North America, played a huge part in all activities having to do with entertainment : music, comedy, stage and street performances, circus, festivities ; plus quite certainly horse care, just like their ancestors in Asia and Persia.

Alike Sinti Gipsies (Germany, Netherlands), Irish Gipsies are known as "assimilated", therefore were sometimes adopted and raised in Christian faith. They are rarely moving as itinerant Gipsies, except for some activities (often entertainment, then - circus is always a good example and an argument for Gipsies to travel all over the year, except in winter time).

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