Europe : The sun rises (still) on the East

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Some changes might very well occure on the European continent, in the next decades, or mpore generally in this new century.

The History of Europe is extremely tormented, it's been so from the very beginning, with a major starting point : the Roman-Germanic Empire (also called the 1rst Reich), which has been abolished by Napoleon by 1805, only.

The redistribution of cards of alliances, of rivalries, dismantlements of regions, never stopped, and had extremely damageable consequences since the end of the 19th century, as as we know, since nazis came into power (without forgetting the countless ethnic genocides in the name of an "Aryan so called superior race", and taking Jews, Tsigani, disabled people, Slavic people for less than humans, not deserving to live), then at the end of WWII and the infamous cold war (which is in fact only ideological against Russia as a whole).

Europe is today again in front of its own History, from West to East, from North to South, with some major ideological decisions to make.

The today Europe that we know, i.e. is totally artificial (it's called European Union, but there's no unity at all), and has been "designed" only by three countries, to the detriment of those countries (Central, Eastern Europe) often overlooked, but which got the inefficient and ineffective promise that joining the European Union would be better for them. Those still overlooked countries were in great majority all belonging to the former communist Soviet Union. Today they must still pay for having been communists : they are disdained, mocked, their people are sometimes still seen as useless.

In spite of such difficulties, those European countries (East, Central Europe) made huge efforts to adapt themselves, and after decades of communist regime, it's hard for countries such as Bulgaria.

However all those overlooked countries also wish to regain the mastership of their own culture, without forgetting the many rich influences for all that is music.

Regaining ownership on one's national, cultural, ethnical identity often starts with arts, with music. It is good news, in this time of ideological wars, also inside Europe as a continent.


As European History has shown, major changes for Europe as a continent often take place with events in two countries : Hungary and Poland. Hungary can redistribute cards (economically politically) for other Central Europe countries, with influences as far as to Romania. Poland with its it recent dramatic experiences in the 20th centurie challenges often Western Europe as well as past "rival" close countries. Hungary and Poland, each in their manner, impose themselves again today.

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