Annette Peacock : Survival (and note)

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by Lizzy • 583 Posts

I see the lyrics of this song as a major message for this 21st century.

This song is epic anyway for the message and jazz style.

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RE: Annette Peacock : Survival (and note)

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by Lizzy • 583 Posts

Here are the lyrics to think about (I think that Annette made book researches and/or talked to various artists, writers on some topics. Aldous Huxley was again very much on "fashion" again in the 70's, along with Alice A. Bailey (Lucis Trust).

The Messiah scientist mentioned in the song is simply (so to say) Alice. A Bailey's New Age, the nazi Millenium (4th Reich started with 3rd Reich and doctors, scientist), transhumanism. Let's say : the anti-Divine science, with lucierian origins (copying, cloning).

Sleep in heavenly peace, here : While still be living on earth in a superficial way, with euphoria pills (Soma), it'd be like heaven on earth. Sleep might be a lobotomic state of mind : which is be no mean about a very awaken state of mind.

Note : it's an interpretation of the human kind future, the most common one, for many not wishing to make efforts to understand Theosophy and Aldous Huxley much better. Nothing is static : all can be got around at any time, ever, for the best (it requires courage) or the worst.

Upon now
Let's blow
Reaches to touch
And all exists by
Or catastrophe
What in me
Seeks to be
And struggle
Strengthens me
The meaning between the conscious identity
And the
It remains to be seen
I exist
I am becoming
Which is discovering
That which ard Reichlready exists
And acting as a catalyst
To control the quality and quantity of life
Is a competitive sport between governments
Each one afraid to stop
The economy might suffer or drop
If we don't keep up with the other
Anyway man,
We can't have catastrophe
On the installment plan
Your generation won't have to pay the price
For our generation's mistakes
That's how it goes
That's the breaks
There's no skin off my nose
Genetic engineering
Is not at all
Endearing to me
While calculating the promise
Remember this
The real of the matter
To shatter tradition makes us feel free
And danger is nourishment for the brain
But tradition is a static defense
Against a chaotic community
And what would we save
By destroying it?
Would we ever be happier than we are
Upon now?
Difference is not equal to inequality
Inequality isn't even a reality
Just a power play
Don't resist
Don't believe it
And it won't exist
That don't mean it'll disappear
But it won't corrupt you, personally
With fear
Any resolution must come from the
Personal revolution
True values in our age
Compete upon stage of
Not better
But more than before
And hey, sons of science
Technology is a groove
But the vast of it will be moved
The more of we risk to lose
By then
Anyone whose hand
Is in the foreseen consequence...
The last of the natural peoples
Are said to be living in the past
Their innocence is no bastion
Against the modern dangers
And inevitable exploitation
Innocence is no protection
They cannot comprehend
The impending future
And age of the individual is over
All elitists are opportunists or idealists
Drawn by the cry of the multitude I
And all systems exist
Because of supply nd demand
On the other hand,
Cars in effect
Is perhaps the only definitive perfection
The dedication to change
The dedication to survive
Upon now
Accidentally balanced
Within the hypothesized somehows
Is it green and blue microdots
Still in orbit
As the plot thickens?
There the planets continue to paint
Graynesses everywhere
A good artist would know when to stop
Potential management
That is void of peripheral vision
Continue to inspire discontent
Not to mention
The brilliant designer
Actively inventing attractive toys and
More efficient ways
In order to do as yet
Any determined amount of sin
The ineffectual dreamers are still waiting for
The Messiah scientist with some
Essential miracle
But so far this is all there is
There is no place left to go in our lifetime
Holding him so tender in my arms
Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

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